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Xtreme Clutch Covers

Not all clutch covers are equal. Choose your clutch manufacturer with care.

Many manufacturers modify standard clutch covers and market them as a performance upgrade. These modifications do not deliver on performance and can substantially reduce the working life of the clutch.

Rest assured that your Xtreme clutch cover has been professionally engineered and developed as a brand new product resulting in a clutch that exceeds application requirements for performance, wear and driveability in the long term.

Xtreme Clutch Discs

Xtreme Clutch has been at the forefront of performance clutch technology for decades. Our in house testing machinery and close bonds with motorsport has allowed us to do extensive testing on various combinations of materials and disc designs to suit high performance and racing applications. The Xtreme Clutch name has become synonymous with high performance.

Xtreme Organic stage 1 discs use heavy duty dampened centres and premium facing materials for reliability, driveability, and high performance.

Stage 2 clutch discs use Xtreme ceramic facings mounted to a disc that is cushioned-and-sprung, or sprung only.

Xtreme can custom build a clutch kit to suit your application. Custom clutches and be produced in sprung or rigid disc designs, using sintered iron, Kevlar, or carbon materials.


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