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What is a flywheel?

A flywheel sits between your engine block and gearbox.

Your clutch then attaches to the flywheel with bolts. Flywheels serve two purposes in your vehicle:

1) To start the engine:

The turning starter motor gear meshes with the ring gear on your flywheel to crank the engine over.

2) To keep the engine turning:

The inertia from the rotating mass of the flywheel allows the engine to keep turning in between each ignition cycle in the engine.

A lightened flywheel is used in order to remove rotational inertia in the driveline system, thereby improving accelerating, deceleration, and overall engine response. Depending on your gearing, the reduced rotating mass can also improve recorded power at the wheels. However, removing too much flywheel mass can affect idle quality and driveability of the vehicle. There are also situations in which you don't want to remove an excessive amount of weight from the flywheel- highly boosted turbocharged applications, or some types of drag vehicle for example. In fact in some circumstances, a standard or higher weight flywheel can called for.

Thankfully, Xtreme stocks multiple flywheels for most applications- up to 5 or more in some instances depending on weight, material and clutch requirements.

Xtreme stocks Australasia's largest range of high performance flywheels.
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